Microsoft is compiling Microsoft 365 subscription for home users


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Microsoft succeeds in the enterprise center with its Microsoft 365 subscription, which is Office 365, Windows 10, and remote management with Enterprise Mobility + Security. The 365 Office-driven Office submissions have also been gradual growth, with 32.5 million subscriptions from the company's latest financial reports. And now Microsoft intends to bring these things together with the Microsoft 365 subscription aimed at non-corporate users, reports by Mary Jo Foley.

Microsoft 365 Consumer would be subdirected by user focus. Foley notes that advertising has been working on; refers to such a result, and the move would appear to be consistent with its company plan to reconnect with users. At the Inspire participating event earlier this year, its company said it wanted to focus on "professional users" by " offering software and services to develop the "New Life and New Tools". This is not entirely clear, but it does not mean that a & # 39; company continuing to & # 39; make its services better wherever you use them (more support for iOS and Android phones). Synchronization and replication will ensure that your work and current context move completely between tools.

Fewer clarity in the Microsoft Consumer 36 bundle. Office 365 is an obvious part; he is already selling to consumers, and is still the center of Microsoft's productivity perspective. But beyond that? Windows 10, for home users, is already voluntary. Fear / rumors / descriptions have long been that Microsoft will move to a Windows sub-subscription model for users, but there are no signs that this happens. The way Windows 10 is set – the Windows "last" version that is updated and updated after a while – it's hard to think it's ever; happening.

Foley investigates that Skype, Bing, Cortana, and mobile apps such as Mobile Outlook could be part of it. Skype's limit makes a bit of feeling, because parts have already been paid for Skype; there would be some extra budgets on Office 365 subscription barrier for phoning and motions that would provide a bit of logic. The rest, however, is unclear. Other abilities? Include hard content in the contract. It's another place in an Xbox where Microsoft has a & # 39; sells subscriptions, and in the last few days there is a subscription package that includes Goldbox Xbox. But there is no obvious co-operation.

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