Microsoft: Let's stop using Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer is no longer a browser, it's a "consistent solution".

It has been four years since Microsoft Explorer has been successful with Microsoft Edge, but many still have to continue it; browser removed from the scene. There are between 5 and 10 per cent of all computing users that are hit through IE, if one of them is going to & # 39; Believe that the companies are analyzing Net Applications and Statcounter.

And now, Microsoft is tired. This week, security driver Chris Jackson, who is working on Windows development, wrote a blog post entitled "The dangers of Internet Explorer as the default browser".

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The role is specifically aimed at companies that use age web applications, such as intranets that work exclusively on Internet Explorer only. Now, it's time to get rid of the problem and update apps so that they can run in a modern browser, says Chris Jackson.

He does not even want to phone more IE for a browser. In a blog, it's a # 39; mentions the old servant of a belief as a "consistent solution" which companies can take when they need them.

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If so, the IE company needs to use it after the time, maybe as long as it is a & # 39; Waiting for replacement or replacing, it is a recommendation to run in the Enterprise mode. This means you can only climb on sites that the IT department of the company has agreed in advance.

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