Microsoft Patents Touch Sensor Rescue Devices for Surface Machines


Aresponding to a petitioned petition, Microsoft may now have a Microsoft backup device, and # 39; including beautiful tools On the back, that would be. Provide general activity as flexible movements, changing size and more.

Under the title "Forming Touch Sensor on Fabric", Microsoft says that it will send sensors to & # 39; Connects to many of its handsets, including Surface, HoloLens and more.


The patent says that heat detectors on the device device are arranged to work with other sensors. An spread Browsing through apps, converting volumes, The situations and more.

The technology also allows users connect a Microsoft device without moving with each other.

The patent also describes the extra benefits of having to & # 39; sends messages on a machine device. For example, using a communication panel no one will miss their & # 39; case of the device, which we often see with general buttons.


This can usually be seen with devices that can be made when he threw all the hardware buttons completely offset. By placing sensors on the device, such as Microsoft HoloLens, it will be very easy to use basic controls without detecting.

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