Microsoft: Project xCloud Xbox consoles will not be replaced by a streaming service


Microsoft has been quiet about its Project xCloud project since last October. However, it is likely that the dictionary American technology is ready to promote the record straight for the future in the cloud.

In a new article published on Xbox Wire, Kareem
Microsoft's Choudhry, CVP of Cloud Gaming described an xCloud Project as being
a view of the technology of games flow
complete their console and add more choice to players
and where they were played.

Microsoft is
improve further the game score

Describing the technological advances in the delivery of content that has changed the way we read books, listen to music and watch films on the easiest, Microsoft is hope he can do the same for games.

Publishing on Project xCloud in English:

Redmond's company plans to fulfill a noble aim
Excellent console games flow to more than 2
billion players around the world thanks him for network technologies
developed within and through its distributed data centers
in 54 countries.

to Xbox?

Microsoft is not developing the xCloud Project instead of the consoles
but instead offer that same flexibility and choice
Modern music and video lovers now benefit
. The company is very popular
able to use a TV console with 4K TV
Full support for HDR and accurate sound. This is still a useful way
be good at playing consoles.

In addition, the purpose of Project xCloud is to do
the future in which you will be able to access school content certainly
connect your phone, tablet or other device. Find Microsoft
wrong point, where current technology can provide an exhibition
the quality of a console with infrastructure that is accurate, content and
settled community.

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