Microsoft promises on Windows 7 again »IT newspaper


Can Hello to DirectX support 12.

The most notable benefits of Windows 10 and specifically for game that support DirectX 12, which, with updates, make important performance in many Windows activities.

Hearing to users

As today, the gap between Windows 7 and Windows 10 becomes smaller, as Microsoft returns parts of the thing that are just like DirectX 12 to the older operating system. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has made Windows 7 users aware that they are supporting the operating system in less than a year from now on.

The news was announced once Blizzard can report that they have made improvements to the DirectX development concurrently in the latest update, 8.1.5. In the blog post, Microsoft writes that they have listened to the fans who have expressed their desire for Direct3D12 (D3D12) on Windows 7.

Open more developers to throw themselves

The collaboration with Blizzard is the first of its kind on this specific opposition, but Microsoft is writing in the post that they are working with other developers to similar game to other games.

Effectively, the renewal means that World Warcraft players on Windows 7 can now enjoy more advanced and unified frameworks, although Microsoft says that the best playing experience has been on Windows 10 as a result of a number of things that still run things like DirectX 12. better.


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