Microsoft receiving Xoxco Artificial Intelligence


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Microsoft will receive Xoxco Artificial Intelligence from the Al Fajr Website on Saturday 17 November 2018.

Microsoft Xoxco, specializing in the development of "bot" technologies, has been automated, since the company is one of the leading companies in this area.

Xoxco contributes to the development of the different sites by going to & # 39; including "Putt", which provides effective ways to respond to users, based on the learning of the machine, and Xoxco started in 2013 and provided a number of specific systems in the talks built on AI.

One of the most obvious examples of its company's work is to use the Slack application, as well as Botkit, which provides conversational development tools for hundreds of senior developers GitHub, recently received by Microsoft. Microsoft has a & # 39; focus on developing such technologies Develop the Azure scam business environment.

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