Microsoft recognizes that we do not want advertising in the & # 39; We have mail and Gmail is not just ease


If anyone even has a & # 39; disturbing from advertising in some digital places, it may be safe to think you're sure you do not want them by email. Microsoft seems to have just realized this.

It is likely that its company has a & # 39; look forward to an A / B test for flags in the Windows 10 User's Mail to & # 39; Following advertisements this week for some of its users, according to the Verge.

Responding to tweet about the announcements of Tom Warren at Verge, Microsoft's communications director Frank Shaw said that the appearance of Post "was a test that has never been proven to a large extent and is turned off."

The Microsoft blog about the release linked to the Verge is now dead, although an archive version confirms that the previous page has been added to the FAQs page about advertising in a post for Windows 10. As Verge says, this is uncertain because Shaw's answer is offered on Twitter as a "provocative feature".

The page said that the pilot program was held in Brazil, Canada, Australia, and India on Windows Home and Windows Pro. He also indicated that advertisements will appear in email accounts that do not work as, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail, but not in user accounts accounts with Office 365 subscription (which, as It will come out, running $ US7 ($ 10) per month).

Microsoft said that advertisements were fundamentally focused but that users could choose their privacy settings. The page also noted that Microsoft does not scan users' e-mail, usage used with such Gmail and Yahoo.

The timeline of this route is not clear, but the Order ordered some examples of people who were typed about ads in Windows Mail as late as July. Secondly, according to the fact that people are already hate This feature, it is best for everyone that it is turned off – at least for now.

We reached Microsoft about our advertising distribution and we will update this mail if we hear back.

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