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With the title & The risks in & # 39; Using Internet Explorer as the default browser Microsoft made a sensible call and a & # 39; Ask users, those who are left, to stop using the service as an option to save the internet basically.

The system has been criticized for years and has been a subject of memes and scenes of an online culture, but according to figures from W3Counter, around 3 per cent of world users have & # 39; use this option as their browser.

Chris Jackson, software manager of Microsoft's tools and experiences, a leader in cybersecurity, published on his company's official blog and explained the reasons why Internet Explorer could follow a navigation protocol in 2001 and the production of digital security risks to consumers

Jackson talks about "technical debts" of sites and web-based programs, especially a business that Internet Explorer has to keep up and that has been on. develop resistance for years.

"Internet Explorer is a compatibility arrangement, we do not accept new webpages and, although many sites work well, developers do not test On Internet Explorer those days, they are doing exams in new browsers, "the letter is & # 39; read.

Some companies and centers that use old websites, which are " Need help with the old (and uncertain) stages that the type of services and content are not available in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or the same Edge that are Windows compliant.

Jackson explains that the problem is only a & # 39; comes from the user, but also from some developers that do not update their platform and their. indicate if they would continue with Internet Explorer debt customs, it would be a Ending in a situation in which, by improving things What you have, you will make up that you can not use new applications when they come in. How new applications are going to & # 39; appears more often, we want to help you avoid trying to & # 39; lose more of the net. "

Microsoft recently published that it uses a Chrome (Chromium) system consistent for the central development of its Edge browser. This will allow for a broader agreement with current services on the internet.

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