Microsoft showed DNA-based prototype driving


The experts Microsoft as well as researchers from Washington University they were able to transfer digital data to and from DNA. At the same time, they were able to do all the work on their own. In future it is expected that this will reduce the storage capacity and location of the data center.

The word prototype HELLO translated into DNA form. To this end, pieces (0 and 1) were coded in a DNA sequence (A, C, T, G). Thereafter the data was de-coded. However, it is noted that the system now has a 21 hour process of processing five data, according to the researchers, that it will be the focus of this time. was reduced by almost a half.

At the same time, only 4 micrograms of DNA were needed to store the data. And the measure in several cubes gives access to all the data being saved from a major data center. In addition, the developers recognize the existence of trust in such a system. According to Microsoft, some of the DNA symbols have been stored for tens of thousands of years. For example, DNA is from mammoth drugs.

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