Microsoft surface space looks at & # 39; make a cloth more acute


Although the ability to communicate directly with a device display by means of a close link, Microsoft is looking to expand this user interface further by doing it, Exploring sensitivity in other materials.

Depending on a patent Search recently Latest Windows, Microsoft attempts to bring plugged devices into some of its product lines to interconnect users as well as touchscreens and trackpads.

The pattern describes the & # 39; Using machine-connected devices such as interfaces, with the material released & # 39; This is then applied in a variety of types of materials, from recordings and earrings to accessible devices, sweatbands and even beds.

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Identity Credit: Microsoft

Table with smart machine

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AR spices with a knitting machine

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Identity Credit: Microsoft

Couch with a knitting machine

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Compliance with a beautiful machine

With the images and descriptions filed in the patent, these surfaces appear to be a gestural interface – for example, a & # 39; gut on and back on the side that HoloLens is likely to change or display the displayed cover when you use a smart & # 39; and earphones at the same time.

Although the patent takes care that it does not specifically mention any product, going so far as far as wide as possible with many of his pictures, not a topic for a & # 39; Think of the technology application to the surface of its surface; at present.

The first of these figures is </ i>; show two zones on both sides of the table, especially behind the device where the fingers can be held on both sides, and continue to face it; board where the order would take on the bezel.

In this situation, the hands are in a great position to move things like measuring control, apprehending apps, or even going to; Using cursor on Surface Pro 6 or similar device.

Naturally, it's just a peat at this time, but this is hoping we will see Microsoft smart couch with a comprehensive, comprehensive box.

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