Microsoft wants you to exit Internet Explorer


Most of the population (New window) has already abandoned IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or even Edge, the new Microsoft browser. But some people and especially businesses still use IE to run old unused web applications.

In many cases, these submissions are expected to be used by their company staff. To save money, these companies have benefited from an IE assignment that allowed them to continue to use their applications by sending them up to date. choose "legacy versions" to their browser.

Until 2014, this system allowed subscriptions to continue as if IE had been updated. If an application was not consistent with the new version, IE moved to convert the estate. Since the launch of IE 11 in 2014, this feature was exclusively exclusive: request designers would have to use their hand-to-use browser.

Microsoft was hoping that this will inspire businesses to update applications. Five years later, it must be envisaged that this strategy did not work.

The IT giant has also stopped installing security updates for IE versions by 2016, means that risks can be in legacy versions. For businesses, these dangers can be major risks to their networks and their data.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft offers Microsoft a new version of its browser-friendly Edge, which is successful in IE, in line with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Until now, it did not work This browser is only with Windows 10.

The company hopes that this new distribution will allow IT leaders worldwide to abandon their applications and move to more modern and secure browsers.

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