Microsoft will capture its & # 39; Apple market for the first time in eight years


Microsoft has given Apple a market capitalization for its first time in eight years. At a $ 753.3 billion market card, Redmond's based software software is now the most valuable company in the US. Apple's market captain at $ 746.8 billion was Friday, while Amazon and Alphabet were ranked at the third and fourth separate.

Back in August, Apple told us; The world's first company hit a $ 1 trillion market card. However, its company market cap has fallen by around 25% since then Apple reports that iPhone services were still held every year. In addition, reports about its staff and staff cuts also adversely affected Apple's value.

Microsoft marking has grown Azure Cloud

Cloud is one of the driving forces behind the continued growth that Microsoft has been seeing a short time now. According to the financial results of the first quarter of 2019, the growth of income in Azure services was 76%, although the total income of $ 8.6 billion in Intelligent Cloud was growing 24%.

However, Microsoft income growth figures are only suspended on Azure related services. The company's play parts and personal computing also saw a healthy growth level. Xbox software saw a 44% increase in revenue, saw 36% growth services and Surface portfolio saw a 14% increase in revenue. Overall, Microsoft income growth increased by 19% and net income grew by 34%. Operating income reached $ 10 billion after 29%.

Microsoft & More Personal Computing income was built by $ 10.7 billion due to a 15% increase. In addition, the Indian PC market saw a growth of more than 20% due to strong growth in the consumer sector and as well as trading departments. PC manufacturers such as HP, Dell and Lenovo record healthy growth levels, with an IDC report suggesting that we will be able to regenerate the care of these companies with new releases in the middle to a high level. In all, the signs for a healthy Indian PC market appear to be good news for Microsoft.

Preliminary days for the iPhone?

The iPhone may still be one of the most successful technology lines of technology, but the prospect is not too bright. Apple needed to stop the iPhone XR planned designation built on demand due to expectations. Recently, Japan travelers have asked Apple to cut XR iPhone prices to promote sales. In addition, Apple also needed to restart iPhone X production as a result of poor XS sales to meet Samsung contractual obligations for its OLED panels.

Apple's analysis, Ming Chi-Kuo, has recently said that there was a 30% reduction in the XR service relay, which could be a bit related to Apple. It is worth noting that iPhone XR is iPhone's "most accessible" launched this year, with a $ 750 start-up price. However, Apple strives to be at # 39; meet market expectations, it is still visible if this is just a page on the radar or does not; radical movement signal in customer expectations.

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