Microsoft will present new updates to Windows 10!


Microsoft provides a new preview of the Windows 10 operating system, which brings a number of improvements to it; focus on games.

The new update moves Windows 10 from a & # 39; Raising the number of 18329, distributed on 1 February, to build the number of 18334, indicating that these updates are connected to the #; 19H1 update block, which represents the updated Windows 10 update to be released in the first half of 2019.

Since Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 installed on 29 July 2015, its company has confirmed that the system will be a service, and # 39; means that all new refurbishments will be made different from the previous ones, not just with security updates but also new features, From Apple.

So far, Microsoft has released 6 Windows 10 modernizations: Update November, Modernization Update, Creators' Update, Updating Prudentials, Then, Update "April 2018" Update April 2018, and then " October 2018 Update "October 2018 Update.

The seventh update includes special game technologies, so Microsoft has a " Ask participants Windows Windows program to help them evaluate the performance of the system with games like the State of the State, giving them free for a short time.
The 19H1 updates also include arrangements for some of the more than 50 software; The company reviewed in a blog post.

The major update for Windows 10, which is expected in April, will be & # 39; including a number of features: speed developments, 7GB of resourcing, renovation of temporary systems and colorful design.

The update also includes Windows Sandbox for professional users, which will allow them to install and confirm applications in a remote environment. It is possible to remove the submissions, the Cortana plugin separated from the search bar and to # 39; including the ability to sign in with a verification code instead of a Traffic word, and many other features.

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