Microsoft will release Xbox One to a CD player in 2019


Microsoft plans to launch a new version of the Xbox One, which is expected to work without a CD player, but will not be part of the upcoming generation of Xbox, which is scheduled to launch in 2020 or further.

According to the Indian fonearena site, 2019 will be free from the CD player according to a Microsoft plan, which may be extremely uncertain for users, because they can not use their own CDs or those that do not you do not like to be & # 39; using cloud games.

But the good news is that the price of this version will be in the range of $ 200 as expected, as Microsoft published earlier to save the cost of the device, which shows the turnover of the person Users and their company too long & # 39; What is expected to have a new program? company in Xbox One. And game games from retailers with downloadable digital photocopy, so problem solving by many users if they buy it.

In this version, its company has a & # 39; Try to find out how the public can deal with buying a CD player without a CD player, and use it to make a final decision for the next generation.

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