Microtransactions – coming to Red Dead Online


Earlier today, the Dead Dead Redemption 2 and Multiplayer mode was launched, Red Dead Online. We noticed and made a tweet that the second money was available in the game. Gold Bars known as them. It is now confirmed that minorities are coming quickly to their & # 39; Game.

We all knew that Micro transactions were coming, carriage of carriages until we received an official name. Golden Barran & # 39; the name of her & her; game business moneys. You can buy these items in the same way as Shark Cards, through the game menu.

Rockstar has made a post saying that they will come once and early age. watt passed. Posting on the Newswire – & # 39; You may be aware that some of the game or still available programs are not accessible at the early stages of the Battalion, such as & # 39; Red Dead Online in-game Store & # 39; open up to give the option of buying gold bar to get cosmetic items like Camp décor, or a special style for your weapons. & # 39;

We believe it is Goldbirds and you can only buy, you can earn 100 lobsters that turn into 1 gold bar to allow you to buy items early.

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