Midfielder Quang Hai: There are not many situations in Vietnam; show as many & # 39; Vietnam Football


Quang Hai has clarified the AFF Cup this year's goal and is currently run by Park Hang-this, who plays in the middle of his / her. middle park along with Luong Xuan Truong team, of the VN.

However, in this situation, Quang Hai has been extremely experimental in ASIAD 2018, but so far there is no strength in U.23 Asia earlier this year when it was sent to 5 Visit the winning board for life.

So I saw a VN election with the attack of Anh Duc, Cong Phuong and Van Quyen in the picture of Myanmar, said spokesman Gabriel Tan from FOX Sports in Asia: "This Hang-This Coaches Park should Quang Hai back to the place on the triple as it was in Asian U.23? "

However, Gabriel Tan says that Quang Hai plays in the new situation has left a signal when Xuan Truong played the game and created many opportunities for partners to play, score, unfortunately this is only limited. The powerful power of this young player is very powerful.

Quang Hai himself showed that he had not been satisfied alone after three AFF Cups this year. According to Quang Hai: "We tried our best, but clearly every time, each area did not show the full potential. We need to make improvements."

According to Quang Hai: "In the future, Vietnam needs to complete the tournament in the final, and must continue to play regularly to win the essential results in the & # 39; Upcoming game with Cambodia. Then, I believe that the guides and changes from coach staff can help VN VN to play more best and aims to be motivated.

Giang Lao

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