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The old Zamalek coach is near Al Ahli

According to news releases, the Portuguese coach, Gisualdo Ferreira, has been involved in a bad deal with the Egyptian Al Ahly club to take over the team.


The Zamalek defender indicates that Esperance is at # 39; win Ahly

The former Zamalek Amr Safti defender has ensured that he was helping Esperance at the cost of Al Ahli in the Afghan League League final.


Maintaining its & # 39; summit … There are 5 dangers that threaten the Zamalek tour in the Egyptian league

Zamalek looks forward to having a & # 39; get their main place in the Egyptian Premier League, and # 39; taking advantage of the six subsequent consequences, beginning with Arab contractors, passing through Glen Tigris, then the military representation, the border guards, inside and finally El Gouna.


Mido appears to be one of the ambitions of her; Zamalek has succeeded in his season

Ahmed Hossam "Mido", Zamalek and his former coach star, was secret in Zamalek's success; win the wolf's top of Egypt and keep it up to around 16 of the competition age.


Information about the special session between Gros and Kasongo in Zamalek

Example Cristian Gross held a special session with the Congolese captain Kabongo Kasongo on the Oran side, and gave him a special guide in the game and to develop some of the things in the upcoming games.


Reports: Memorandum to protect Zamalek President

News releases issued on Tuesday morning on the progress of Attorney General Nabil Sadiq's memorandum to the House of Representatives requesting the protection to the Chairman of Zamalek Board.


El Gouna gives Zamalek a number missing from a 10th tour in the Egyptian league

Zamalek has been present from the sixth round of the Egyptian Premier League, which hit Al-Gouna 3-0 on Monday afternoon.


Zamalek's old star: I was inspiring Esperance against Ahli

The Zamalek defender Amr Al-Safti supported Esperance in the final of the 2018 African League of Champions.


African Union lists Zamalek of Alliance list

The African Football Alliance (CAF) announced the Zamalek football team list to take part in the 2018/2018 Afghan Cup Cup


Zamalek's doctor suffers Tarek Hamed's wounded clarity

Mohammed Osama, Zamalek teammaker, showed Tarek Hamed's injuries, the mid player.

"Tariq Hamid suffered bad contamination in the mountain worm," said Osama in a news release.


Jensh gives a negative number to Zamalek Zamalek

Zamalek Ranger, Mahmoud Abdel Rahim, continued to provide good levels for his team to punish Al-Obeid's 3-0 over Al-Gouna in the 16th league season the Egyptian.


Zamalek hitting El Gouna 3-0

Zamalek won 3-0 over El Gouna in the 16th week of the Egyptian Premier League.


Negative number for its first half of the league!

The Zamalek team won a game only once, when they did not succeed – at least – in the first half.


Mido shows the difference between the Ahli and Zamalek line

Ahmed Hossam, "Mido", was Zamalek's star and his former coach, discusses the importance of special players from the midfielders in Ahli and Zamalek clubs.


Find out about Zamalek's products and El Gouna with Noord's tin whistle

The main committee of the candidates from the Egyptian Football Federation announced the rulers of their game between Zamalek and El Gouna, which will be held at Petrosport Park in the 16th league of the -Heyah.


What did El Gouna coach take in 180 minutes to Zamalek?

The Al-Gouna team is run by Hisham Zachariah hosting Zamalek at the Petrosport Park in the 16th league of Egypt.


Before the game Zamalek and El Gouna .. The stars starred a pity on her club; before

Zamalek's first football team meet Al-Gouna at Petrosport Park in the 16th tour of Egypt's league competition.


4 matches to settle Zamalek event from the league competition

Many of the Champions League Champions fans have agreed on this season that Zamalek is the leaders at the meetings in a steady pace in the race title of this season.

AFor information

Amazing paradox for Zamalek in the league of Egypt

The first team in Zamalek is in & # 39; go into a new test in the Egyptian league when they host El Gouna at Petrosport Park in the 16th round of the competition.


5 views from Zamalek and El Gouna meetings .. Video

Zamalek hostes Al-Gouna's home at Petrospot Park on Tuesday in a game in the 16th week of the Egyptian Premier League.


Zamalek vs El Gouna: Statistics and facts before the meeting

Zamalek's first football team hosting Al-Gouna at PetroSport in the 16th round of the Egyptian Premier League.


The Ahli contract restricts Zamalek's conversation contract!

Zamalek's board of directors has not been getting John Antoine, a Ghanaian striker, the Ghanaian striker to the Egyptian team.


Zamalek lists a team list to address El Gouna

Zamalek coach, Christian Gross, has listed a list of players entering a closed camp to prepare for the Egyptian league.


Rifaat will decide his trip with Zamalek

Ahmed Refaat, the right of the first team of Zamalek club, will come to a decision with her; His visit to the Sunday club went through a meeting with Prince Mortada, his general director. club.


A medical examination of the fight against Zamalek before meeting El Gouna

Mahmoud Alaa, who is a defender of Zamalek's first team, made a medical test outside the team's team training after being injured in the past.

The light will show what happened to the player to & # 39; participating in the El Gouna meeting or not, where the muscle player suffered in a game inside, Walt released two white goals to visit.


Zamalek clarifies that the FIFA date is a & # 39; finishing his previous player's emergency. Document

Zamalek has made it clear that FIFA's decision to put penalties into the club by the end of the 30th of December will not normally be paid by Alexero Mundomo Cameroon.


The competing committee sent a zamalek and indoor penalty and thanked for moving
The Egyptian Competition Committee decided to impose a 40,000 pound on the Zamalek club, as a result of the behavior of non-athletes who attacked technical and administrative staff within the meeting of the two team team in the round of the Premier League competition 15.
The committee warned the White Club to play without listening to the audience; repeat. The committee sent a fine of 10,000 pounds on Zamalek players for unwanted behavior through the game.
Zamalek decides to & # 39; a forestry that causes its back
Zamalek's board of directors has disputed a & # 39; leaving Emad Al Sayed, guardian of the club's team of football, to settle.
Al-Zamalek dismissed the total refusal of leaving the keeper, emphasizing his commitment to the services and his / her; rejecting all the offers he received recently.
How to solve Zamalek's emergency emergency before you meet El Gouna?
Zamalek Hamdan Al-Naqaz and Hamoudi Al-Ataqi co-ordinator, defender of the player, co-ordinates Al-Gouna's defense.
Mido: I like Ahli, despite Zamalekawi
Ahmed Hossam Mido, the star of Zamalek and the Egyptian football, has been a love of Mahmoud Al Khatib, praising and giving his friend Al Ahli Club.
4 Zamalekawi in Pyramids vs. Bakri .. See details
Zamalek's board of directors is seeking an exchange contract during the upcoming upgrade window to secure security; formerly asked the defender and former Pamoula former defender.
Maran Zamalek .. Ahadad is in training and Alaa holds her training; against each other
Maran was the first football team in the Zamalek Club of Mahmoud Alaa, the defense for training training, outside the Miran club club stadium.
El Gouna describes how he was & # 39; A complaint about Zamalek fans' presence
Al-Gouna officials confirmed that there was no protest that Zamalek fans were present at the next match between the two teams planned for tomorrow, Monday, in the 16th Tour of the Premier League at the Petrosport Park.

Returning to the Zamalek by El Gouna

Swiss coach Christian Gross, a coach of the Zamalek team team, decided to return the team in the next game against El Gouna, when Hamdi Al-Naqaz, three overseas, Ferjani Sassi and Kabongo Kasongo returned.


Zamalek's midfielder is just a step away from Smouha

Zamalek's first teammate Mahmoud Daouga has lent to Smouha at the Janet window.


Zamalek names Ayman Hafez as a club co-ordinator

According to news releases from the Zamalek club, Ayman Hafez will become the general coordinator in Zamalek during the future.

Prior to that, Ayman Hafez had resigned his position as head of the governing body in the past and took up the post of a beach football team after leaving Geal Castle.


Zamalek agrees "Obama"

Zamalek's board of directors has accepted the request from Youssef Obama, a club player, to be satisfied with his money.

Obama offers a special season for the White Team this season, where it was extremely amazing since the start of the season.


Learn about the latest developments in the emergency situation and the points in Zamalek

The International Sports Court has given Al-Kas a new date for Zamalek to pay late payments to previous players.

According to news releases, the Court of Sport has given Zamalek opportunities to 30 January to pay the two players Mundomo and Ajugo of the football team; before.


Punish crimes for Zamalek

Zamalek, a director of Swiss Christian Gross, sent a 100,000 pound on Youssef Ibrahim Obama for his game.

In the last minute of the game, which Zamalek saw his & her; winning 2-1 in the second half, Obama banned an uninhabited defender inside, which encouraged Zamalek's administration to address his / her decision.


Feirg tunisiais against two Zamalek relations

The Tunisian media said that there is a staggering in the public, or at the level of technical personnel of Carthage Churches without a lack of commitment to some of the "technicians" of players, including both the farmer and farmer Fargoi Sassi Hamdi Al-Nqaz.

Maher Al-Kanzari at Tunisia has been very tough for both and Sassi because they did not play a lot in Morocco's friendly game, which was sorted by Atlas Lions without any response.


The mystery not to oppose Zamalek's injured victim in front of

Mohammed Osama, Zamalek's doctor, secretly confined Mahmoud Alaa, closed the home game that took place on Thursday afternoon and finished with a 2-1 prize.

Alaa was hitting in the last 10 minutes with a sudden muscle weight and went out of the line, while the Swiss coach, Christian Gross, was preparing for the third final version that was represented by Mustapha Fathi.


First coach recitation inside after Zamalek had been sent to her; match them

Alaa Abdel-Aal, the internal manager, spoke on a conversation with Zamalek fans. One of the gutters threw a bottle on his head and triggered the white people by a red shirt.

Zamalek won a 2-0 hard home home, capturing 3 points in a fascinating game.


Zamalek fans will run a red shirt again … Video

Alaa Abdel-Aal, indoor technical director, built a vision called Hossam Hassan, former manager of Al-Masri Al-Borseidi, and currently Pyramids, against Zamalek fans.

Abdel Aal, after winning a short-term visit to Zamalek, won the White 2-1, and stressed the white fans who attended Petrosport Park, lift the red shirt in response to your arm, before dying; got Zamalek's bottle coach In his head.


Electra can save Zamalek from the drop-in of income

Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, Zamalek's striker, highlighted two goals for managing his team to win 2-0 over the 15th week of the Egyptian league.

Zamalek played a game at a moderate level, however, but benefited from the rivalry of his rival competitors.


Zamalek's star will close the file; disappeared dead

Zamalek club football team headed down Mahhammed Ibrahim, head of the team and decided to continue as a member of the team.

Ibrahim was learning well for Zamalek over time to move his future winter, not to # 39; Get enough opportunities to take part in official games with the team.


What is offered to coach in 13 games against Zamalek?

Al-Ittihad coach Alaa Abdel-Al coaches a strong anti-Zamalek test at Petrosport Park in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Zamalek is in the highest place with 26 points, and the interior is living in the ninth place with 16 points.


What did Zamalek make with Al-Hanafi's whistle in one game?

Zamalek will have a new date with referee Mohamed El Hanfy, who plays Thursday afternoon in front of the indoor.

Zamalek meets the interior at 7pm on Thursday, the 15th week of the league.


Zamalek vs Interior: Statistics and facts before the exhibition

Zamalek host their home game at Petrosport Park in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Zamalek has the opportunity to face face in the previous games.


The call is about the referee to match Zamalek and the inside

Zamalek host their home game at Petrosport Park in the 15th round of the Premier League.

The referee of the referee of the Egyptian Football Championship referee Mohamed Hanafi to guide the game and Tahsin Abu Al-Sadat, Ahmad Tawfiq Taleb, Mohammed Alaa, and Saeed Hamza and Mohammed Yousif helped.


Learn about creating Zamalek on the inside

Zamalek is hosting their team tonight at Petrosport Park in the 15th round of the Egyptian League.

It is hoped that Zamalek will start his game with Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Jensh, Mahmoud Alaa, Hazem Emam, Mohamed Abdel Salam, Abdullah Gomaa, Tarek Hamed, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Kherba, Ibrahim Hassan, Youssef Obama and Omar El Said .


Find out about Zamalek's list of games inside

Cristian Gross, a coach of the first Zamalek football team, said the team will face the inside, Thursday Thursday, to compete. The 15th round of the Egyptian Premier League 2018-2019.

Gros, trio Kasongo, Fargani Sassi and Hamdi Al-Naqaz were out of the team's list for a game with tomorrow.


English Zamalek on the Semouha threshold

Bt Bassem Morsi, a Zamalek strike strike, who returned from a Greek short league professional trip, on the Semouha stairway during the winter months. move in January.

The case was suspended in the name Morsi from a & # 39; return to Yuanan to finish his position with the Larissa Greek team, and Zamalek officials refused to return to a team in the winter.


Zamalek's Zonalek Routes: Fighting League League Position

Mohamed Aboul-Alla, formerly a former Zamalek star, see the current situation of the league of Egypt so heavy and does not show competition truth in the & # 39; competition.

Zamalek is hosting the center with 26 points, 3 points behind Egypt, which has played three games, with only 11 points in the game position, which has played only six games .


Find out about Al-Wensh venue in Zamalek ron Inside

Zamalek coach, Cristian Gross, has agreed to push Mohammed Abdul Salam at the heart of defense against Thursday.

Zamalek will face the home team in the Thursday night in the & # 39; 15th tour of the Egyptian Premier League.


Find out about Zamalek present

Without five players from Zamalek at the next game against The Within Thursday.

Zamalek is in the 15th week of the Premier League.


Zamalek Coach: We know how to deal with the game's weight

Swiss Christian coach spoke about the future and the challenges ahead of the team, and emphasizing the importance of the # 39; What are the upcoming games?

Gros confirmed that the next period saw a huge pressure between the league and the Zayed Cup for Clubs and a "African Championship" Championship, but stressed at the same time that the team's technical staff edited well to deal with the pressure the games.


Colombia's statist on the way to Zamalek

Zamalek's board of directors has promoted negotiations in the past with Deportivo Cali, the Colombian strike.

Morillo was near to Zamalek during the summer move, before Moroccan Hamed Ahmad was replaced.


Zamalek decides to keep his star and do not have a & # 39; delivering its services

Zamalek's board has decided to keep Hazem Emam, a club football backup, and his / her. closing the door to any conversations to connect other clubs during the January removal window.

Alexandria and Petrojet were hoping to accept Hazem Emam during the upcoming shooting window, as the club's most difficult talks were in Alexandria.


Learn about the prize value for future African competitions

The African Football Alliance (CAF) has shown the increase in total prize money for competitions under umbrellas in different sectors.

Under the chairman of Ahmad Ahmed, CAF will make major changes to the CAF Championships in relation to dates, occupations or awards.


Interesting story with President Smouha on the Ahly and Zamalek struggle to buy her star

Faraj Amer, chairman of the board of Smouha Club, raised a great deal with his personal account through Facebook.

"Anyone who wants to go with Yasser Ibrahim must make at least 100 million pounds," wrote Amer


Zamalek will kill a calf as preparation for the inside

Zamalek's club football calf a calf before Tuesday's team.

Where the campaign is to come in as a positive way to continue the team's impact in the # 39; Premier League, which continues 26 points after 11 games to date.


Shikabala on Isma's doorstep

اقترب محمود عبدالرازق شيكابالا, نجم فريق نادي الزمالك واالمعار هذا الموسم لصفوف أبولون اليوناني, من الانضمام لصفوف الاسماعيلي, خلال فترة الانتقالات الشتوية المقبلة بيناير.

وكان شيكابالا قد أبدى ترحيبا كبيرا بالمفاوضات التي أجراها مسؤولو الدراويش معه خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية.


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