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Do you feel that the experience does not; you are quite ordinary? Many people who do not face migraine are not enough judgment and help with the doctor. So, read on and learn to divide the headache!

Although not all the same characters, there are still normal features that show that they are migrating, not for normal headaches:

Some of the signs that come together often get together; warns that you are not familiar with being a classic headache but a migration attack (photo: empowher.com)

Feeling a & # 39; heart breaks in & # 39; head

When your head is sick, is it feeling that your heart is a? hitting in the instead of a & # 39; coffin? You may also have a feeling so blink & # 39; do the spiders in the field of rewards? Do you feel that your head will be n "#; blow every minute? This is much more common for migrants than to classical ones.

Go on one side of the head

Although wild pain can be present on either side, it is much more normal that it only appears on one side of the head. On the other hand, in a case of cases, pain is not usually restricted to a particular area.

Finding eye-catching lights and other visual insights

There is a special type of migraine, that is, t. i. migraine with aura In this case, visual disease is associated with pain and other symptoms. People feel that there are clear lights; sight in front of their eyes, and they may also be disturbed by seeing colors that are in their eyes; begin to mix, and similar problems.

A weak group and more tired

Migraines can give you much more than classical illness. So your body is weak, and even the members are even a short time. A few days after the attack was made after you, you may be feeling more tired, can not be hurt even by a & # 39; biggest coffee or energy drink. This is not surprising, as people usually get away completely.

Debts and valuation

As a result of pain and other migration-related problems, severe illness can begin (picture: theperiodvitamin.com)

Although the illness is certainly unpleasant, the migration that is badly damaging is not as intense. Migraine aggression disorders are also going on.

Increased sensitivity to odors and sounds

If immense aggression is made, too much brain diversity will occur. You grow specially aware of incentives, such as different sounds and odors. Anything you do not usually worry, make it & # 39; think in this situation. In the middle of migration attacks, & nbsp; Most quietness and darkness – and there is not much room temperature.

Penalty or tension in the neck

Other marks are not a classic head, but it is more likely that you treat a migraine attached to your neck. During the migration, it often becomes very ill, stiff and ill.



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