Mikhalkov told about the cost of homosexuality and gained benefits: Films: Culture: Lenta.ru


A director, actor, screenwriter and Russian producer Nikita Mikhalkov told the facts about his unusual way in an interview with his video Yogi Dudu, published on YouTube.

Responding to a question, the director noted that the facts about his unusual guidance – "this is a profitable profit," because they can be used to benefit in different situations. "The benefits in everything (…) I do not completely resist it. It will not even take place in anybody's hill [за это]"He said, saying he was not" gay ".

Mikhalkov also responded that he had never been a cradle of people, and he did not like homosexuality. "For me it is unnatural. And why should I give them love?" – said the director.

Previously, Nikita Mikhalkov said the quality of his films. Your Dudya question as to whether the director has ever "fired" shit, replied he was "burned", but he does not. discuss his films.

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