Milicevic: "Private" creates a new way of life in our people


Presenting a jubilee congratulations to the "Privrednik", as well as the collecting officers and donors, and seeking success for the people who came down, the Deputy Prime Minister Djordje Milicevic says that this Serbian humanitarian contribution, despite the terrorism that has been made since it was founded for over 120 years ago, was removable and restored, continued to & Holding to her mission.

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Milicevic says that he could only save big and noble ideas at any time, and that's the ideas from the founder of "Privrednik", because they were based on education and knowledge, close relationship, connection strong and responsible for the success of Serbian people.

"Due to the consistent respect for these fundamental moral principles," Privrednik "has created a new economically new superintendent – a great deal of the popularity of ordinary and common-born devolved people, even in the present day, Today, which is essential for the future of each country, "said Milicevic, saying that" Privrednik "is a kind of transitory motion and a move that they agreed and helped Fortunately, and then today, the largest among us -Nikola Tesla, Mihajlo Pupin, Jovan Cvijic, Nikola Pasic, King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic.

President of the Board "Privrednik" in Zagreb and Ljubljana, SPC Dr. Porfirije, manager of the founding professor Dr Jova Radic, member of the Novi Sad Town Council for the Economy of Milorad Radojevic, Group donors, past and other guests.

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