Military defeat dropped down the Bureya museum to a depth of 17 meters


MOSCOW, January 30 – RIA NewsThe Post Office of Bureya Reservoirs from military cliffs, the army dropped a depth of 17 meters, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

At the beginning of December, 73 kilometers from the Chekunda village in Khabarovsk Land, part of the hill fell due to landslide. He completely stopped the Bureya river bed, creating a jersey in the HPP Bureyskaya reservoir, as a result, about 28% of the water storage system was cut off. Terrestrial scientists are ranked the largest in the country in the last few years. Military engineers started emergency cleaning with a rock; gutting.

"The depths that came into the rocks at the River Bureya today are 17 meters from the first level, for -145 meters, wide – about 35 meters," – said in a statement.

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