Milky Route is an unacceptable disaster course with a galaxy by side – BGR


Our solar system has been greatly changed for billions of years, and it seems that it will remain for a long time, but that has not stopped scanning from long-term the future in an effort to rethink some of the great changes that are going on. a galaxy home, the Milky Sterling.

A new research effort supports the view that the Boys' Walk has been involved in a serious disaster, and when that happens can have a significant impact on our Solar System and & # 39 ; perhaps the Earth itself. The good news is that humanity may have passed then, one or two ways.

The study, led by the scientist by the Durham University, focuses on its & # 39; link between the Milky Canal and a satellite galaxy called the Cloud Magellanic Cloud (LMC for short). The LMC is currently moving away from the galaxy at a fast pace, and at the moment it is about 63,000 years away. However, that is changing, and computing modules suggest that the LMC will be a finally heard with our disease in a blinding message, which can even be done; throwing a Solar System into space.

In a paper, the researchers have a & # 39; explains that a first perspective across the two diseases could move our Solar System to the space and which could affect how Earth itself fits out; live. After the crash, the upper black hole could have been Thinking about relaxing in the middle of the Sea Channel is up to ten times nowadays.

But what does this mean for humanity? Well, there is not much at present. It is not expected that the event will take place for another 2.5 billion years or so, and if the person on converting Land into becoming an unoccupied residence for himself, we will have been sufficiently enough to make a departure strategy if one is needed. I hope.

Image Source: NASA / ESA

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