Miller "counts down every day" that split from the national team and not for the reasons you think



Guest of the show "Hep Taxi!" RTBF this Sunday night, the Devil Dearg is part of his love on Belgium.

The show will only be on Saturday night but some of the interviews are released. In particular the Devil's response to the question of Jérôme Colin: "Are you Missing to Belgium, sometimes?" And it's just that, since Paris was admitted "
Count every time the day I bring to the national team because I know I'm going home, I'll go to it; Getting a Cheese Cheese Set a Gun With a Gun Tool With A Quick Shop And I'm Off. Orval drinks my grandfather.
It is something that will not be taken away. In terms of quality of life, Belgium, for me, is at the top of the page; roof. I would not trade my residence in Belgium for anything ".

N. Ch.

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