Millions of code of users were disclosed


Facebook admitted that millions of users' passwords were stored on the internal servers without encryption and so were open to thousands of the company's staff, but are confident that the problem will now be resolved.

Codes, some dating from 2012, were accessible to nearly 20,000 staff, according to KrebsOnSecurity blog, which deals with internet security issues, and published the case. on the start.

The blog, naming a senior executive from the company, said that internal research seems to have stored 200-600 million users without cryptography in the clear text.

The problem was discovered in January as part of a routine security review. Most of the codes were owned by Facebook Lite users, a version of the stage app which is used mainly by people in fast internet areas.

The company has confirmed that it will contact all Facebook Literacy users, but also those who use Facebook and Instagram.

"Being clear: no people outside Facebook have ever seen these codes and we've seen nothing so far that suggests one of them is misused," she said. in her comment.

It has been claimed that Facebook recently acknowledged that tens of millions of consumers were able to access cyber makers as a result of a security problem.

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Picture: Reuters

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