Millions of Facebook users may have been opened by privacy


Facebook privacy control has been broken down again, this time through the loss of software that has impacted on almost seven million users who had pictures that were open to listeners much wider than expected.

The Friday broke out to hundreds of apps that allowed images that could be in theories of images that would damage some of the people who were in the process. affecting it. They also included pictures that could be uploaded but not posted yet, possibly due to & # 39; and that they had changed their minds.

It is not yet known as the ever-seen photographs, but as the problem set now appears to be a reminder of just how big a Facebook has its customers 2.27 billion , as well as how often & # 39; in which those branches are going back.

The most recent breakdown in a series of private problems is continuing to & # 39; going on, despite the revival of Facebook's lively promises to be striking down its footprints and its. Improved work that prevents invalid access to the pictures, ideas and other personal information that the intended users share friends and family.

In general, when people are allowed to use a third party app; Getting in to their pictures, they divide every picture on their Facebook page, Regardless of what privacy settings are to limit a picture to small circles as a family. The solution could allow developers to have more pictures even, such as those that were shared on unique market items and Facebook Stories, as well as postings that were not posted.

Facebook said users' images could be open for 12 days in September. The company said that the bag is located.

Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's Chief Executive will be the main lecture at F8, Facebook development conference, in San Jose, Calif., May. Friday breaks are the latest in a series of poor privacy that continues to continue; grow up. (Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press)

The company refused to say how many users it is doing? influencing Europe, where shorter privacy laws impacted on the May and that it was a They can send companies into a fine. Facebook said he has notified the Irish Data Protection Commission of the breach.

The problem is coming in a year that is full of privacy protocols and other problems for the world's largest social network.

Exhibitions that the Cambridge Analytica data mining company was able to access data from as many as 87 million users. going to the US summit hearings and changes to the type of data that Facebook offers outside the opportunity of developers. In June, a breach affecting the privacy settings of some users was to have a # 39; Despite what preferences have been made to public dissemination. The adverse impact on this was as much as 14 million users over several days in May.

With each breakdown, Facebook risks will lose credit with the listeners and advertisers who are experiencing; cost most of the income to & # 39; company.

"It's how they are getting those boys in the army that cause this deficit," said Michael Priem, Head of Modern Impact, who will Advertising for a variety of key brands.

Strong user base despite issues

Although Facebook does not appear to have a lot of users' loss, Priem said that some advertisers have been in & # 39; See data that shows people are spend less time on the social network. That raises concerns about whether privacy breakdowns and problems with uncertain information are distributed to services; tax.

But it's hard to find out how much a bit of Facebook has recently been on; influencing the service because their growth, especially among young people, has been in the process of experiencing a ' even even before the problems began, Nate Elliott, Vice-

Advertising ads seem to not cost a & # 39; spend so much that Facebook is capable of maintaining audience size, Elliott said. So far, there is not much evidence but a large number of users have enough concerns about secrecy to get off the service.

Look at how to protect your personal data on Facebook:

"Even if Facebook is not trustworthy, as long as the value of the service is worth more than the cost of a privacy breach, that can be a trading trade which most people are willing to do, "said Elliott.

On Thursday, to turn the bad rap, he'll find out about privacy, Facebook "pop-up" has organized a one-day basis to talk to users about their choices and what a & # 39; may be in mind. The secretary chief executive, Erin Egan, undertook "Facebook" on "B" privacy when requested by a reporter. By 2019, she said she hopes that "A." realized,

Privacy experts may say that there is a degree of inflation. In any case, her work is cut out before making the highest. His company would have to increase its cost of privacy and security, putting teeth in the baseline and August added to the stock price.

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