Millions of people are very happy if the HoREA proposal for the grant of individual housing is granted


In particular, with regard to the case of individual housing-building licenses, according to HoREA, the detailed planning of 1/500 scale, urban planning, and homestay in Ho Chi Minh is not the basis for the construction with a separate home. Hence, HoREA recommended the detailed 1/500 scale design, accelerating urban design, as a basis for saving building permits for individual houses in urban areas.

An application for building permission in the city is still a way of working that will give time and effort to the people. However, if the HoREA proposal is implemented, millions of people in urban areas will be cheap this difficult.

With regard to change to the plan, HoREA said that one of the weaknesses and inappropriate to Modifications to a 1/2000 mini-scale scale, when evaluated and modified; Detailed planning of 1/500, of business projects. State organizations can usually "have a sufficient opportunity" as the owner proposes.

This is easy, in some cases to break the general design, and # 39; Increasing the volume of traffic, and overshadowing urban infrastructure. HoREA announces the approval of many buildings, high buildings in the inner town, even in small roads, roadways, or high density buildings in a small area.

In order to overcome this weakness, the Society recommended changing the law Plan to ensure the quality and visibility of regulatory activity Plan Detailed specification of 1/2000, in the assessment process and approval of regulations Plan 1/500 information on business projects. This will allow a reduction in the government agreement "fairly" as the owner proposes.

According to HoREA, many provisions are still in the current design of a 1/2000 assignation scale, attention must be taken. For example, in HCM City, there are 600 detailed assignation maps with a scale of 1/2000, but a lack of attachment, commitment and co-completion, as they are separated by area administrative boundaries, wards. , common.

Previously, HoREA suggested changing the law Plan to improve the quality of regulation Plan Scale 1/2000 scale information, which ensures linkage, connection and synchronization, divided by area administrative boundaries, wards and societies; Make sure that information gets access to rules Plan with a smart device.

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