"Milo has a strong strength": the picture of the child with serious illness is worse – Paraná


Milo Francisco Díaz Heinze she is three years old and fighting a fight, poor illness called "blood poisoning".

"The doctors try to do everything that can be because it has a great strength", he said Distribution, his sister, Paula Franco.

The child is still reinforced in intensive care service in the San Roque de Paraná maternity and children's hospital. "It's stable, but he is one of the most difficult patients there", sure of her young woman.

"He has a blood disease, which has attacked more than 70%, and has included the entire analysis system, especially the remaining lungs, and the most likely. " From yesterday to the present day, the injuries were taken into account on the plates. of his lungs, and if blood was needed, they were doing it, "said Franco.

Inside, the girl said that her brother, "a child who never had a flu, was that you could attack her coffin as anyone." "We have seven brothers and nothing happened to anyone else," he said.

He also thanked him "the prayer chains for the health of Milo, as they give the whole family confidence, because we did not go through something like that and it is good to feel that & Community help you ".

"Milo is very spectacular because it's very good", he kept up when he saw the concern about the child's health.

Milo's picture began four days ago when he was cured for an analogy, and was treated but "at any time" was the feeling of a lie; him. "It was damaged, by inserting, inside pain and ears, until the places began to connect to the face and rest of the body, "said his sister.

"We brought it to San Roque because he was really trying to breathe him, and then he went to hospital in private because they could not explain what he had, they were to see him until they were cured and put him in tubes, "he continued.

"It was confirmed that there was sepsis, which is a disease that attacks each group to remove animation, and today it is a most dangerous group. Doctors try to make it stable because many fever and blood pressure are very low, to further confirm where a virus is to lodge it. " Milo's sister explained.

The next important moment is the picture that will affect the little one.

Sepsis is an essential problem that occurs when the body, in response to disease, Creating a reasonable response that causes a limited failure of other members that did not belong to the # 39; original disease, which causes shock or multinational, in a large number of cases, causing death. (Elonce)

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