"Milo is fighting as a bull for his life": His & # 39; virus in the blood attacking his heart – Paraná


Milo Francisco Díaz Heinze, the three-year-old baby who has a sepsis fight, a bad illness called "poisoning blood", Continuing into severe healing in the San Roque de Paraná mother and baby hospital.

"Your heart is already looking at itbecause when he was in hospital he was very fast. And as the doctors tell us in the last part, the good thing about their case is that they did not poison their blood. heart, "he said. Elonce, his sister, Paula Franco.

But the baby's health icon is up and down. "Although the virus did not reach his heart, White blood cells began to regenerate faster and this causes it to grow faster and have other problems. In addition, it was discovered pus spot in gold"he added to the young woman.

"It's so weak that they can not do a CT scan to find out where the virus is inserted. Due to the fact that the doctors, initially, need to make an attack done out of sight, but it is also essential that they do it. Bring him milk so he can get his strength back and not to spend a vitamin, because They keep it with serum and for seven days they have not eaten, they do not eat", French precise.

"He's fighting for her and they keep him off", he mentioned his little sister.

Through social networks, Miss Milo Francisco, a drug called "human albumin", which is complex. "He is fighting as a bull for his life, because he is very strong", it was identified.

In this regard, the sister of that child clarified from the children's hospital they ordered the order of the medicine to a pharmacy that could be in.

The painting began at Milo Francisco a week ago when he was cured for a childhood who loved his healing, but that he was "at any time" nothing and sorrow; on his body. When she was admitted to San Roque's hospital, she was diagnosed with a serious illness called "blood poisoning" called sepsis.

Sepsis is an essential problem that occurs when the body, in response to disease, Creating a reasonable response that causes a limited failure of other members that did not belong to the # 39; original disease, which causes tiredness or failure of multiple organs that cause death in a large number of cases. (Elonce)

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