Milo Mirosevic: "My father gave me the 89 to see the U in A, but I am a Roman Catholic supporter"


The idol and old cross actor commented on his youth and the facts that emphasize him as the Blues fans. His father gave him to the playground, but he could not turn it.

His first Ranger at the Catholic University, Milovan Mirosevic, when he was small, recognized that he was with his father with the playground to see the U, Despite being a blue boy.

"In 89 to Santa Laura, I think I went, when the UU was in B. With a father we went to a bar, without a boat ", Milovan told about the sound of his blue time to Todos Juegan of the CDF.

He said that "My family is from U and we went to the playground to see the U, that's true, but that happened and I made a sub-8 in a Catholic University school; the under 9, sub-10 and next year again in the UC. He left it on her own and left me from the "" to the discharge. "

Finally, a Catholic and Catholic idol was consulted just if he or she has never been a supporter of the blues: "Without fiction, I'm from Catholic", he said badly.

Picture: UNO Agency

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