Milton is today under water consultation


Waterproofing advice will be completed on Monday for parts of Milton.

The Health Medical Officer for the Halton Department issued the warning as a result of a water breach.

They advise homeowners and businesses in the area to take objections. That means going to & # 39; use other water supplies or water water for at least one minute before drinking, toothpaste, cooking or a & # 39; washing food and food.

Officers also give information to restaurants and anywhere else food is having; Prepare that they should close until they are advised.

Residents who need clean water to the Milton Sports Center where they can be completed are free Saturday, Sunday and Monday to 12 a.m.

The Department says that counseling will be taken once trial exams have been carried out; confirm that the water is safe to drink.

The community will be notified by telephone, social media and on the Department's website.

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