MINDEF aims to die zero training. The normal & non-systematic & # 39; and perfectly & # 39 ;: Pritam Singh


SINGAPORE: The recent Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) mission for the execution of duplicate death, but it is only unreasonable but also wants to consider on the dangers of military training, Head of Staff Party (WP), Pritam Singh Monday said (February 11).

Talk in & # 39; Parliament has decided on a career security decision-making in the National Service, Mr Singh said that the MINDEF statement seemed to move to a "disastrous disaster" according to a national service servant (NSman) Aloysius Pang .

"As a result of what has been created, every time that training dies, the public emphasis on MINDEF and SAF leaders is down the leadership line This is a loss, not just the SAF, but also the National Service, "said Mr Singh.

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Although it is clear that the basic message behind a "mental disorder" is that it is safe and safe, The public focuses on the word "neoni" and this is a goal that can not be achieved, even in tight safety levels, Mr Singh said.

"Any group, except for a man in a war industry and can defend the sovereignty of Singapore, who promises to take a death or training event even if he & 39; the public needs to complete the deepest training safety measures to the SAF, and MINDEF is struggling for the same thing, "He said.


In response, the Minister of Defense, Ng Eng Hen, although the goal of dying is "very tough" and probably "even impossible", MINDEF still has to focus on it.

"Our own knowledge shows, some years, and it may be possible for us to achieve. Anyone can guarantee that he will not live enough for our rest of our future? Certainly not, "said Dr Ng.

"But nonsense tends to be sensitive to all headteachers and all the incoming troops, you are better to be careful about what you are doing . That safety does not suffer feeling, that safety is first because I want to train, and I want you to live, be able to fight when necessary Singapore has you, "he said.

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Earlier on Monday, Dr Ng said in his & # 39; Ministries' Summary that there was no death between 2013 and 2016, after four deaths in 2012 only.

"This may have been the result of many reasons, but I think that the new safety measures that we have put in place after the bad events of 2012 have been influenced," said Dr Ng. "If we put our minds and our efforts to kill the death of harm, it can be accomplished."


In addition, Mr Singh also suggested that Section 14 of the Government Proceedings Act should be reviewed to allow civil opportunity soldiers to register if "MINDEF or headteacher" has been "incorrect safety breach" unhealthy.

By doing so, he would "drive home safely to a mission during the SAF period" and create a room for the Government to go to; giving greater accountability to the protocols and its processes, he said.

Mr Singh explained that Section 14 would not be necessary because of the safety of training but if a headteacher was misleading, unfortunately or unfortunately; demonstration of compromise denial for safety issues.

"For example, if a headteacher had chosen to negotiate safety statements, training safety rules that had not been given, he had not been able to get enough peace before or between training and confidence without an appropriate purpose or risk mitigation agreed in advance by a higher leader, then the plaid should not be given protection under Section 14. It would make that a court should law to be left to find out if MINDEF or the headteacher in question was susceptible, "he said.

Mr Singh said that such a change would mean that the National Service would be bitter; It can be more accountable instead of breaking it off.

"It would inspire the public about the importance of the National Service, why the safety is essential, and the lengths of MINDEF and any Government of the day to protect the station, even if it is; meant to have the MINDEF reputation and its online directors. In doing this, MINDEF would send a clear and non-constant message – which the mail has stopped at & # 39; roof. "

Dr Ng said Mr Singh's suggestion is "a very persistent argument" which is "missing" because "MINDEF" is holding responsible leaders through a criminal offense.

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"I do not need to want those who want to make that government do before the responsible heads do.

"We have taken headteachers or abducted NSs, they did not have the right to commit criminal crimes. Not just civilian payments in the courts – they're going to jail," Dr Ng said.

"The life, in that sense, and the positions are destroyed. And that's right, they deserve it," he said.


In the days after Aloysius Pang died, Mr Singh wrote in a Facebook post that his "near-home" death died, because he was then on a duty of defense.

In the Parliament on Monday, Mr Singh said, when any soldier falls, everyone is in a position; feeling a common pain "for life that has a lot of hope and promise".

"We also share the loss of family members who live with their sadness and lament their losses of a son or daughter in life and in the service of the country, "he said.

He noted that the true value of the SAF was to be a # 39; makes a great deal of safety, because it is "largely determined by a force".

"There are safety gaps that need to be considered and necessary improvements. I hope that these can be established quickly and calmly with the professionalism known to SAF , so that Singaporeans can be easy to know our military women and that the men are ready to keep Singapore safe and secure all the time, "he said.

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