Minh Hang is always choosing the type of "shooting" shoe at the Face Face 2018


Compared with the other two supporters of the Face, Thanh Hang and Vo Hoang Yen, Hang Minh is actually simpler in height. There are things, she has never been hiding or self-praising in this case, even in fact, Minh Hang (as it seems) is also proud of his small size. If not, then, then put her own feet with shoes that do not answer clearly?

In the latest set, Minh Hằng is a series of beautiful characters, black / orange is the main tunnel. The color coincidence is evident in the way in which she has chosen the dress, the skirts or the attached sand strips. However, the error in this style is. This design is not usually normal but is ideal for those with long legs. Le Minh Hang, this is the "guilty" to make her body more unfair, the cas is not much fairer.

The most interesting thing is the two sheets she's in her; first piece. Not only does he "eat less" a few centimeters of Minh Hang's height, and also put diversioned legs. It will be more reasonable if Minh Hang "is" killed "for his & her; This ugly box or at least let go to the press …

The "little pig" cow seems to have stopped there. In recent times, it has been twice decorated twice, it does, hair is good but it's better for black shoes, lungs and legs; unlocked. Indeed, her sister and her long-lasting vote are even weaker with some sisters.

In addition to the omissions mentioned above, many times, Hang Minh has chosen the right shoes. It can be seen, with the current style of "pig pig", sharp nude beige shoes or nude beige more suitable. They are light enough and at least can help her eat a little tall.

Or if you want to choose more individual shoes, you can choose black slippery shoes or black black sands too. Just going on, Hang Minh needs to have a need to try some shoes.

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