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Researchers at UMC Utrecht successfully succeeded in the production of CF patients. They did this by growing a small amount of wildlife in the laboratory to; little poor &

After that, using these small armies, they investigated the impact of three types of medicines in 24 patients with different types of cystic fibrosis. In the light: drug effects could have influenced the plane route and thoughts of patients clearly linked to the impact of their patients. medication on the minidals.


Chain-like looks like charcoal when seen under the microscope (you can not see them with the stunning eye). "But all of their features", says a researcher and pytiatric lungs, doctor Kors van der Ent of the UMC. "We all have our own intestines in this precise arm."

The good thing about this development is that individual medication can be proven for each patient. "Not being patient with the patient, we can try out the medications available," said Van der Ent. "And from each individual patient, we can see how they fit their medication."

Jill (25) has cystic fibrosis

CF (fibrous cystic) has a real impact on Jill's daily life. When she was two and a half, doctors found her cystic fibrosis. "You are very ill with CF.I has a continuous fever, you can think that you are not comfortable with that."

She is also often in hospital with lung infections. "My body does not react to antibiotics that you can take at home." She can do a good thing every day. "With my friends for the town, or some sport or my energy, which is more energy efficient."


She hopes that this UMC Utrecht research can be changed. Three years ago she was a piece of the boys; Now he is waiting and hopes to find remedies that work for her.

"The research gives hope," she says. "I really appreciate that it's a search for everyone, not just for cystic fibrosis damage." Four years ago I lived: "I can not cure for CF during my life." Now I'm hopeful for her & her; first time. "

Adequate security

The research results offer in particular the hope of people with a variety of cystic fibrosis capacities. "Leotha it was very difficult that they could not take part in research ever," says Vincent Gulmans, Welsh Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. "Medicines are available, but not for those people."

With its small arms, the appropriate medicines can also be found. Gulmans is happy with that. "You can find out if people are responding to their medication or not, you can reach a larger group and you can also look more efficient than working and what does not work. "

Sweat function

Thanks to good treatment, the patient may live longer for years and that quality of life is also better. That has already confirmed this research. Gulmans said: "There are examples of people who, for example, had a list of lung replacement and they got rid of, who were in hospital every year and are not there."

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