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Modal design and cuts throughout the country are immigrants with a lack of German language skills. Strache stressed him to get into emergency aid.

14.50, November 27, 2018

Chancellor Kurz and Vice Chancellor of Strache © APA / HERBERT NEW BUILDER

a & # 39; federal turquoise blue has agreed on the latest information about the reform of their lower income complaints. As the APA ÖVP and FPÖ reinforced, a metal model across the country will be issued on Wednesday with the Council of Ministers and later by the top of the government. According to reports, the new lowest income is based on the ambitions of the government test in Mauerbach.

For example, immigration cuts are designed to have enough knowledge of German as well as bonus for single parents. In addition, the new law should prepare for stricter rules for people who do not want to work. The minimum level of future income should be based on the minimum pension of 863 euros at present. With poor German or English experience or if there is a degree degree in a compulsory school, this sum should be reduced by € 300 to 563 experiences.

Access to funds

It was not clear to the end that families with several children can give money or "cap" for each family. In addition, a question on the accessibility of assets as a place of movement between the ÖVP and the FPÖ was circulated to a large extent. As is now known, the ÖVP has access to the assets of the affected people.

Critics of government plans are afraid that the planned cuts will be especially aimed at children. Also stated that the Federal Government did not; targeting immigration information recipients of their redevelopment project. The ÖVP and FPÖ numbers were exhibited at weekends, depending on "over 60% of the recipients of" migrants ".

Concerns of constitutional and European concerns

Experts also expressed constitutional concerns and European law. For example, the lowest income protection scheme in Austria was rethinked by the Constitutional Court due to the skipper that was given there and the Court of Justice Court of Europe The Upper Austria model due to the cuts for temporary asylum seekers. Therefore, the government has expressed its desire, with the help of constitutional lawyers, to reach a solution that is both before the Constitutional Court and before the European Court of Justice.

Getting & # 39; emergency helpers

vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) is reinforced Tuesday in Brussels around the minimum security agreement that the emergency help is with; live and not be removed. There must be a model "in the sense of fairness and social justice", where appropriate, "people who need care and single parents" get a bonus, according to FPÖ director.

These people would have gained better employment in a social support field. "Unlawful information from the Sociological Democrats must be rejected," said Strache. Emergency support is still "even in the system of unemployment benefits that they have received again and will not be stopped," said the CEO FPÖ. Between beneficiaries and unemployed people a person must be outstanding. The least level of promise will be better than that and make sure "immigration into the social system is stopped," said the Vice Chancellor.

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