Minister: 95 commercial petrol trading at petrol stations and co-operation in Egypt .. in early December


The Petroleum and Mineral Universities of the Marine Minister announced the launch of gasoline95 In the gas stations at Egypt Petroleum and Co-operation Company (QPC) in early DecemberSouth Westerly

Minister Tareq Al Mulla said in Sunday's statement that gasoline is the name of each company's name, and will be named as "Egypt Extra 95" on a & # 39; gasoline offered by the Egyptian Petrol Company, and "Cooperation Premium 95" on a & # 39; gasoline offered by the Petroleum Co-operationSouth Westerly

He said that over 90% of 95 gas stations in the Republic were coveredSouth Westerly

He said the service includes gasoline 95 brand, and # 39; come within the petroleum department's strategy framework to continue to deliver high quality and citizen-based outcomes for citizens, Overseeing recent developments in the petroleum industrySouth Westerly

He emphasized that the product is working to improve the performance of the engines and to maintain and enhance the efficiency and use of fuel, which provides consumer savings and meets the needs of section many usersSouth Westerly


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