Minister Hugo de Jonge is calling for buffer zones at the A-NIS prevention clinics


Public Health Minister is calling for buffer zones to be put on prevention clinics to prevent witnesses from being removed. According to De Jonge, protesters have banned the "angry" with women at the door to clinics.

He says that it is on a Friday AD. As such, it provides support to communities where previous plans for the installation of buffer zones have been introduced in clinics.

"It has to be put on the misbehavior of exhibitors," said Jonge to the newspaper. “I communicate with different towns and clinics about that. "

Women would tell at the door of the clinics that he is a "murderer" or "they will regret their decision." Often posters would be distributed with a fever and leaflets with anti-scenes scenes.

Displayers at the door are several days each week & # 39;

Gerrit Zomerdijk is the director of Gynaikon Clinics, which owns a clone running two clinics in Rotterdam and Roermond. He confirms the stories of aggressive witnesses. "We have different groups at the door, several days a week."

According to the song, women should not be responsible to foreigners for what they do. “Despite the right to be shown in Holland as the main asset, it should not follow that up.

"There are no stories about attacks in right clinics"

According to Hugo Bos, the speaker of Stirezo Pro-Life and one of the complaints organizations at clinics are possible, the story of an attack by practitioners in clinics "appears in political form and at the same time. he said part of a news campaign, he said. AD.

“Our level of attack is zero. We would like to offer support to women. However, if there is a national ban on displaying or establishing buffer zones, we only need a contentious approach. that's not removing the truth: boredom is a murder.

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