Minister is unhappy with German electric cars, they are not sexual as Tesla


The German government is launching innovation in the industry of the equipment with major investments in electric cars. But local economist Peter Altmaier is asking home car manufacturers to make sure that electric vehicles have more competitiveness and design.

German vehicles such as BMW, Daimler, or even VW Beetle since the 1960s have always been genetic. I would like to hear from Mr Zetsche (Daimler), Mr Diess (Volkswagen Group) and Mr Kruger (BMW), when you pick up a car that is so generous to Tesla, says Altmaier.

He acknowledges that there is concern about the attractiveness of electric cars, the behaviors could bring new ideas. However, the leaders of Daimler and VW Group, capable of responding to German-speaking words, have taken care of this "challenge" to another. It related to independent carriages and related legislation.

In terms of design, at least we want to support electric electric makers. For example, the BMW i3 and i8 models offer an interesting and original design at least, although the "i-eight" are plug-in units … ? And on this side, the Germans are well preserved for the future.

Electric cars made with them like the Audi e-tron (already made), Audi e-tron Sportback (concept), Porsche Taycan (pre-production), Mission Porsche E Cross Turismo ( Mercedes-Benz EQA) attractive monuments capable of fastening Tesla "old-old" electric cars from the design site easily. So, our mind is because they are closer to Tesla.

Millions to develop batteries

Regular regulation than the solution for German electronic vehicle design is certainly a huge support from the German Government for the development and manufacture of electric vehicles in electric vehicles and storage facilities. This value is worth € 1 billion. As we have mentioned several times, Europe is far behind this guide, especially as an Asian competition.

For companies such as Panasonic / Tesla (Japan / US), the Li-Ion Battery manufacturers are CATL (China), LG Chem, Samsung SDI or SK Innovation (all of which are South Korea) largest in the world. And in Europe we are still running projects such as Alliance Alliance Battery or Northvolt.

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Source: Ecomento, picture cover: Tesla

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