Minister Plá to abolish the Obama journalist attack


"This Colombian does not run na", it's the controversial phrase Minister for Women and Gender Equity, Isabel Plá, in an activity framework related to the "Do not Stop" plan, which was held on Thursday at Punta Arenas, Department of Magallanes.

As the regional media, "The Magallánico", Several witnesses had listened to the discharge of their minister to a Colombian journalist attack, Paola Woolen, ITV reporter Patagonia.

The press release, that the journalist Ask me to the guardian on his airport Decreased reduction in budgets for sexual violence prevention plansThis would have responded to Plá.

These results, the Mhgrrallanes Journalist College broadcast to report & criticize & # 39; minister.

The union emphasized the quantities that may have its potential. minister, especially at the time connect to someone of the same sex, to present its position.

Because of this, Isabel Plá is determined through its Twitter account "to strongly express the attack; against a Colombian journalist, my opinion has been and always respect for humanity, truth and journalism. "

According to the media Emol, journalist, Paola Patiño said, "I did not hear it, but I lived, along with all other colleagues, a great deal and something to attack me for a question ".

And he said the minister was sure to face the cameras that the journalist did not know and later sent a message to Patiño sources, telling them that they made a mistake in giving information to the practitioner.

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