Minister Robert Ampuero: "Mr Escobar Poblete is a month to apply for justice in Mexico"


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuerto, thanked this evening for the Mexican government's decision to send out Raúl Escobar Poblete's frontage, Sile for the crime of Senator Jaime Guzmán.

The president of Chile's diploma confirmed that the defendant, according to Aztec justice, was a month to make appeals for his / her. decision making.

The Chilean foreign minister said "Commander Emilio" was held in Mexico for his role in kidnappings, to eliminate great torture. "

The Secretary of State also believes that the legal declaration "clearly reflects Mexico's commitment to the fight against terrorism, organized crime, respect for justice and co-operation among the United States. "

"At the same time, he demonstrates his confidence that there is a lawsuit in our country," said the minister.

"Sometimes justice takes time, but it comes, and in this way we have a path and a proper direction," said the foreign minister.

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