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Original title: The Ministry of Commerce addresses the WTO reform

Chinese Newspaper Group, Beijing, November 23 (Xiabin) On the 23rd day, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce held news release on issues related to the WTO reform in Beijing. Wang Fuwen, deputy minister of the Chinese Ministry of Trade and former international trade negotiation representative, the Chinese side at the information. Supporting the necessary reforms for WTO, and & # 39; explains the reasons why China believes that the WTO needs to make reforms, proposing China's five points to reform WTO reform.

Initially, the main seat status of the multi-side trading system should be maintained. The reform should maintain the standard status of the multi-side trading system in the free valuation process and global trade assistance. It can not be combined with the new concepts and new answers and its; denying the multilateral trading system authority, and can not start "another stove."

Secondly, priority should be given to address key issues that threaten the survival of WTO. A reform should be to add unity and defensive practices into the system break, and addressing the urgent problems of members that appear clearly from the Appeal Appeal as soon as possible; as possible to ensure that the WTO's different responsibilities have been routinely worked.

The third is to solve the fairness of the rules and respond to the needs of the times. The reform should address the agricultural subsidy grants of some enhanced members and the long-term and bad reasons that cause international agricultural trade. Abuse should correct trade remedy measures, especially in the anti-dumping inspection. An order has been adversely affected, and reforms should encourage WTO regulations to keep pace with times and respond to the 21st century economic truth needs.

Fourth, it should be certain that specific and different handling of member development. China is the most prestigious country around the world. China is willing to take its responsibilities in the WTO to make changes to its own level of development and abilities. China does not allow other members of the special and different treatment of China to go to; member development.

Fifth, members should respect each other's mutual development model. The reform should be to eliminate the violation of some of the members in the investment security survey and anti-monopoly review of specific state-owned enterprises, and Correcting some extended members to mislead export control measures and interfere with normal technical co-operation. The Chinese side also opposes some of its members; The diversity of the development models and the discrimination against different development models. They do not agree to include the development model to the world organization's reform. They agree with their & # 39; The case is not a real foundation as the WTO reform topic. (End)

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