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Electors want to clarify public attitudes today there are many people; buy China's land beside the coast.

Electors want to clarify public attitudes today there are many people; buy China's land beside the coast.

Chinese people buy coastal land

Danang's voters appear, according to his & # 39; The current opinion is that many of China are experiencing Buy land along the coast of the country through the name of the Vietnam family. Electors require the Government to review the above information, review and recommendations for handling and changing (if applicable); At the same time open to the public to know.

In response to this case, the Ministry of Security stated that; Public that it is to ensure that the sovereignty is security, defense, sovereignty and territorial integrity, Land Law and command to provide detailed information on & # 39; granted. they have specific rules.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, Article 126 of the Land Law states that there will be no land arrangement or land rent for the implementation of investment projects (for foreign and foreign investors) more than 50 years . For major capital investment projects but slow-term capital revival, investment projects in geographical areas with difficult socio-economic problems or geographical areas with socio-economic problems that are extremely difficult, requiring time The term in terms of land or rent allocation exceeding 70 years.

At the same time, Section 2 of Article 58 of the Land Law Section provides for land use projects in islands and committees, wards and towns, appropriate state organizations may not be able to; land allocation and rented land, to permit land use grounds permission on the written agreement of the ministries and branches involved.

Article 13 of Government Legislation 43/2014 / ND-CP dated 15 May 2014 states that it is for capital-owned projects directly from overseas investors in the island and in border committees and societies, wards and coastal towns that do not come into the case of the National Assembly or Government Prime Minister; permitting or making investment decisions, the District People's Committees must, before considering and agreeing the investments, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Affairs on land areas used for islands and committees, wards and towns;

At the same time, consultation with the Ministry of Defense for the areas of land used in committees, wards or towns near the land areas occupied; used for defensive purposes, unless the prohibited places are designated as an order; Consultation with the Ministry of Public Security for the land areas being occupied; used in societies, wards or towns near the land areas used for security purposes.

In addition, Article 61 of the Regulation 01/2017 / ND-CP Regulation dated 06/01/2017 of the Government states that: "For projects to be carried out, using land on islands and committees, wards, towns That are not subject to an agreement with the National Assembly or its Prime Minister, deposit decisions will be issued by 01 / 7/2014 but there is no decision regarding land allocation or rent, movement The purpose of land use is to comply with Clause 2, Article 58 of Land Law and Article 13 of this Declaration. "

"In addition, the Prime Minister Manual 20 / CT-TTg passed on July 27th 2015 on raising planning management, construction investment and land management of coastal projects. The Ministry of Public Security said.

Long-run projects mean that there is a lot of corporate

Da Nang's electors also show that public jobs won by Chinese contractors are very slow, Promising progress, as a result of building up, especially Chinese staff living in Vietnam, Vietnam's marriage and then getting children and grandchildren has had a significant impact on Vietnam's security and political situation. Voting voters must consider and evaluate this case in a comprehensive way.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, over recent years, many EPC projects (design, technology, construction) have been implemented by Chinese contractors. In the implementation of a number of projects there are problems causing voters to appear.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, to develop regulatory solutions in this area, from 2015, the Government and business agencies have adopted many policies and solutions to correct this work, such as changing the law on supply and documents adequate, strengthen management, inspection, management and breach handling, now the advanced changes are at breakdown as described above.

In the future, the departments will maintain the deficiency treatment in legal regulations related to ODA loans, EPC contracts, departure and induction, licensing and operating instructions. With contractors, foreign workers, including Chinese contractors.

"The Ministry of Public Security continues to reinforce the leadership of the department's work forces, suggesting related proposals to improve the efficiency of state management in the advocacy area, It happened," said the Ministry Public Security.

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