Minit, The Messenger, and Dragon Marked For Death are all getting physical messages on Switch


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If there is one move, I am very fond of this generation of game, and it is the promotion of small production publishers who are experiencing a change; Indie games that were killed when sold. The most famous name in this place is probably the Limited Run Games, other companies are doing God's work here. Fangamer created a corporate copy Enter, The Dead Cells retailers arrived because of a union, and Owlboy I sit quietly on my shelf between my copy de Blob and Yoku Island Express thanks to SOEDESCO.

There are also Special Watch Games, which published the week last minute audits Downwell, The Minit, and The MessengerNext The three titles are listed next year for Nintendo Switch and there will be prints for PlayStation 4. The two pages that have been printed for PlayStation 4. If you have been & # 39; Keeping out for corporate publications of these titles, your question is about paying it.

At the same time, Inti Creates is Dragon marking for death also distributing sales with permission from Nighthawk Interactive. The corporate editing of this game will include the four characters that can be played, which we need to do because of the way the developer can; choose digital handling of their game. Dragon marking for death The eShop features two versions, which include the Empress and Warrior characters called the "Frontline Invasors" folder, and the others have a "#; Including the characters of Shinobi and Witch in the "Advanced Worker" folder. Each package will sell for $ 14.99 each.

Name Inti Creates also delayed Dragon marking for deathThe Post The game, launched on 13 December, will be released on 31 January. The move was made to shorten the gap between digital and digital distribution.

New Dragon marking for death Anime NYC Information [Inti Creates]Special Safe Games [Twitter]

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