Minor analysts: 5 catalysts supporting Saudi stock stock to end of year


Financial inspectors said "Five defenders are supporting the exchange of the Saudi stock market until the end of this year,
They explained to the "Economic" that these incentives are the development in the balance of payments, the investment environment, and which encourages the private sector to implement new development projects, and a budget premit for 2019, which is the expansion budget in cost, apart from the expectation that the market will participate in the global markets index index; emerged in the fourth A first year of the next year.
Walid Al-Rashed, a financial analysis, said the market has returned to profit for investors over the last time, despite a decline in some sessions, saying that the weakness of the lion Distribution impact and & # 39; reducing the volume of market investors, Duty in market management to identify new areas of the market; solve and support during the future.
"The Saudi stock market has been struggling to make it attractive for its ever-increasing global oil prices greatly from the geo-economic, regional and global impact of today's rising global market prices, "said Fahmi Sobha, researcher and economist. At $ 64.49 as a result of an increase in US production by 24%.
It would look at the promotional packs that would look good at the Saudi economy in the year 2019 with more incentives that support and support. supporting economic growth rates, and the most important thing that contributes to the balance of payments, the general attractive environment for investment, and Promoting the private sector with a strong financial and statutory basis and ready for more money And the expected budget for 2019 as a budget for spending expenditure for its & The first time since 2015, in particular infrastructure projects, construction and business sectors, basic businesses, and work on the Esterat Wagih system is the only issue of Bmdkhalath social protection program and its results.
"The previous incentives provide support for the growth of the economy during the year and to continue growth levels over the next three years. Therefore, the stock market will be a promising opportunity in the short term," he said. "This does not mean that the sales department will try to make the picture clear and clear. In the global and regional geo-economic perspective.
"Moving a market in flat instructions is permissible, after reaching a smaller scale of 7600 and above at a previous 792 serving zone," said Mohamed Al-Shammimari, financial analysis. "A closure of a market at 7662 points of support.
He said that it was not possible for the market to enter the defensive area of ​​7920 points, and began to return from last week, where there were weaknesses in rates and trading values, so The market could get involved in the obstacles of 7920 points, and # 39; refers to oil prices, which show that the answer market is not normal Is it sure that oil prices are rising, but they respond badly to the # 39; The price of a drop on oil, which happened last week.
"But there are oil prices, despite a $ 67 drop in the barrel, and continue to market a" . The report of the International Monetary Fund November states that the United Kingdom budget equation for 2019 is $ 73.3 per barrel, well below 2018, Where its budget balance is at $ 83.4 each barrel, a reduction of ten dollars, and this shows that the economic reforms have a positive impact on the decline in the UK's dependence on oil revenue, and so it is important for the Saudi economy and a stock market, so the market is waiting to return higher levels of liquidity, which will be shown positively, as well as another catalyst. , the first quarter of the next year 2019, this is to be accessed to the global market index that comes to the crops. "
Al-Shumaimari stressed how well it was; is a Saudi stock market compared to the nearby GCC markets, so it is attractive to foreign and foreign investors, in particular because the United Kingdom is embracing a large expansion budget as well as the advanced outcomes of economic reforms that now affecting the United Kingdom's non-oil income has increased.
Saudi stocks returned to profit at the Thursday session, closing at 7662 points, a small benefit of two points, with a decrease of 18 per cent to 3 billion rebels. The rise has resulted in the success of the estate development department against the decline of the two largest market segments, "basic materials" and "banks".
Thirty divisions rise against their excess. The "food department" was the main player, and then with "occupancy and development management" with 0.96 per cent and "long-term goods" with 0.9 percent. Although "Capital" rose 1.3%, with "Investment and Finance" with 0.8%, and "Media and Leisure" with 0.8%.
Bottom "Basic Materials" was the highest change with 29 per cent at SAR 856 million, and "Banks" with 26% to SR 768 million and "Insurance" with 6 per cent with SR 184 million.

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