Minsal confirmed that children from 2019 have also been immunized against human papilloma virus


From time Ministry of Health reinforced since 2019 Children are also immunized against Human Papillomavirus.

A vaccine, like girls, is applied to a boy in two calculations in school pupils 4th and 5th, but it is very difficult to do so; Increase broadcasting currents today; reaching 80% around the groups called anti-vaccines.

An Public Health Sub-Secretary, Paula Daza, he said "a vaccine is completely proven, there are no adverse effects and this will prevent not only cervical cancer but also other cancers such as anus and buccal cancer. "

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Also the Head of Department of the Ministry of Health, Sergio Becerra, he said "although the number of cancer in men is lower, the number of transporters is this disease and is affecting healthy women, very tall".

"It's not decided but it is estimated that more than 20% of the population are with this disease."

Jeannette Dabanch, president of the Sofinch, it is essential to have a cover of 90% and is sure to work with the community and its; see what other diseases that are transfered to sex, which are so important in our country, can achieve well.

The Human Violet Papilloma (HPV) is the most common disease that is drawn to sex, and is due to crude cancer. a thousand women killed each year.

How do you find a HPV?

It is found through the tested Papers in which the cells that are captured by scratching the cervix opening are checked under a microscope.

In societies such as Santiago, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Cerrillos, Maipu and Central Station, only 46.7% of women were trained. So, a campaign was blocked.

An Wardrobe Central Station, Rodrigo Delgado, they said they start with diptych delivery so people can know what this test is about; mean.

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For that, the Public Health Sub-Secretary, Paula Daza, said "a large number of women who do not make sure that themselves, who come up and that means the ability to die well high ".

It is a test in the Papers that must be achieved every year if it is a human Papillomavirus bearer and every three years if the product is indirect.

As part of it National Plan for National We look for a strategy that's Finding a risk among women, although the most important amount is to be handled by a & # 39; vaccine that prevents their virus.

Look at CNN journalist, Carolina Véliz, in the attached video.

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