Minute summary of "Time is not up" 27/11: Cesária drinks tea and her unfortunate feeling


Short Time "The Time Not For" 27/11 : in chapter 103 of the "Time Not For" novel, summary Tuesday, November 27, Cesária drinks a cup of tea that Agnese prepares for Marocas, and leaves the homeless carer well-established. Betina tells Helen that Emilio was threatening her. Florencio and Baron believe that Theophilus has reimbursed money from the finance officer. Cesaria has a feeling of discomfort. Matthew is trying to take Waleska out of the tenement, but she's confirms to be alone.

Dom Sabino warns Lucio to go to # 39; stay away from Marocas and his family. Mariacarla praises Betina that Lucio's interest could be beneficial. The Baron and Florencio fear Theophilus and he says that the money stolen has gone out. Marocas does not feel well. Nico's appears in the kitchen when Agnese has a poisoning in the Marocas tea.

Summary "The time without being": the new chapters of the novel

(*) Editing Globe Rede, Novels "O Tempo Não Para", subject to change of date and content.

Years of advances and searches that are shaped by customs, customs and languages; contemporary societies break up in a wealthy family from the nineteenth century; rise in the 21st century. For 132 years, Sabino Machado and his families were frozen in a space of ice while outbuilding was out; passing. Now, they will wake up in São Paulo fighting and brutal and they will coming across a society in mid-2018. "Tempo Para Para", a new novel of the 7, written by Mario Teixeira and has an artistic direction by Leonardo Nogueira.


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