(MINUTE'S MINUTE) 2018 local Elections


At 7:00, there were about 3,200 polling stations across the country, with about 1,7 million voters in 212 of the Slovenian population centers; talk about large numbers and town councilors. We will monitor the elections from minute to minute.

07.30 In the 2014 local elections, 775.116 voters or 45.22 per cent of elective electors (39.36 per cent in urban areas) came to the voter bills of 1.71 million electors of electors.

Applicants 07.15 688 are candidates for a seaman (588 people and 100 women), and 22,314 applicants (12,116 men and 10,198 women) are selected for town councils and advice. Detailed information here.

07.00 Police opened. At 19.00, around 3,200 polling stations will be opened, with a vote of over 1.7 million electors elective to new masters and urban councilors in 212 of the Slovenian townships. Towns, with narrower parts are established, will also host elections to local communities, a town and a holy verse.

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03.00 The 2018 local elections, inviting Minister Rudi Medved, will continue to monitor the Council of Europe's Local Authority and Regional Ad hoc mission. The Congress of Local and Divisional Authorities will take election observing campaigns in the 47 member states of the European Council, one of its priorities.

02.00 The first election information will be known after 12.00 (depending on the location at polling stations at 11.00). Other election partnership information will be named after 5pm (depending on the position of polling stations at 4pm). The first participating voting result will be recognized after 7.30pm.

01.00 Today, regular elections will be held in which, in every Slovenian city, members of town councils, choose masters and council members in the narrower sections of townships. In towns where members of the Italian and Hungarian national communities and the Roma community live, they also Choosing representatives from those communities to their home council.

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