Mirova wants to double its assets for 5 years to reach 20 billion euros


A & # 39; The first management company set up for careful investment when it was created 5 years ago,
Mirova's funding of a sustainable economy is at the heart of its regulatory strategies to do it
Financial settlement settlement with environmental and social impact.

The steady financial market has seen huge growth in recent years
year, managed by investors' demand and managed by government. At COP 21
2015, financial actors understand the place they can play in the fight against change
climate. Since then, the establishment of governance and the promotion of green finance has enabled its & # 39; market
to open up, so that the integration of the "ESG" criteria has gradually evolved.

Mirova has been able to record as a leading company and player in a field
"Conviction" regulation (leader in the loyalty financial administration market[1], the 4th generation of assets dedicated to renewable energy, green market support
install and launch special money) and use the SRI method across all classes
fund, rely on a strong team of financial audits. Expressed about the need
to create and show influence, Mirova was also one of the first companies
place special marks such as carbon, or impact of employment, to measure
the real effect of its treasures. The company is the only one to be seen today, on everyone
The handles, a carbon footprint of 2 ° C.

In a market that has been a great deal of challenges facing tomorrow, it's Mirova's position
to provide more and more certification to investors: of 3.6 billion euros in December 2013, property under
they were managed up to 10.2 billion euros at the end of September 2018.

In 5 years, Mirova has grown considerably in all its strategies: a level of knowledge
and equality now accounts for almost 2/3 of managed assets, or 7 billion euros,
Infrastructure accounts for approximately 1/3, or 2.9 billion banned assets. Knowledge dedicated to capital
Nature was launched in 2017 and was reinforced by Althelia Ecosphère.

"We are proud to grow as strong as 2013", says Anna-Laurence
Roucher, Deputy General Director of Mirova, oversees the development, "Which looks really and really
Our ability to provide solutions is effective and sustainable investments ".
There is a company
also used outside of French borders: Mirova has created divisions in the United States and

Directed by this strong moment, the Voluntary dual goal is its resource over the next five years. Company
20 billion euro, strengthened its position by basic clients and the
Additional development in the sales department and in administrative consultation
Heritage thanks to special offers. "We are sure one of the key issues
Today the ability to re-manage home savings in terms of sustainable finance "
, saying
Philippe Zaouati, General Manager of Mirova. "This meets the needs of funding,
but also to a growing demand from savers: it is essential to offer individuals
readily available, high quality, and easy-to-read materials; their impact. "

Mirova plans to explore new areas of impact investment, such as biodiversity and
human capital.

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