Mirtha Legrand and "secret her youth" 91: "I had a cod oil and it was really horrible!"


The diva, with a question with Dalia Gutmann, concluded how her parents gave her in her early years.

Mirtha Legrand told her one of her relics of her life at 91 years of age:

At the age of 91 Mirtha Legrand she likes not only for her role, but for her strength, her health and, above all, to behave. This may be the source of the first year of life and consultation Dalia Gutmann, invited to your board, ends in a large exhibition.

"You were counted in mind that they were giving you some of the vitamins when you were a girl, I want it because I want to start drinking," the comedian to know before the diva was over. "Something is something that Scott's eccentric was. It was a horrible thing! Gold was a cod of oil. Of course," remembered Chiqui on her & # 39; It's vitamin, and Dalia wrote down on his cell phone and said "I'm going to give my children."

"Then, I developed and I became a woman, as I am, but I was so tired to a girl, I stressed when I was born, my sister had eaten everything inside my mother ".

"After that I grew up and I became a woman, as I am, but I was so tired as a daughter," he said, originally his name. "I increased not and half when I was born. My sister had eaten everything inside my mother," Mirtha was ready, Confidentiality revealed!

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