Mirtha Legrand shot to Andy Kusnetzoff


In the middle of a new duel for the main time of Saturday, Mirtha Legrand He talked about stopping his & # 39; final of the Libertadores between the River and Boca.

"We have left the world, it gives me bad, as well as the nature, the people who were. There were young children, they could not leave the playground, they wanted to go to the ambulance and the toilets did not work or were full of", He commented on La Chiqui about everything that was staying in the Monumental stop, saying: "Something terrible is something terrible, how beautiful it has been very hard, very hard, we hope it will never happen."

In this way, the diva took the opportunity to send forward Andy Kusnetzoff. "AndIf I did not come to the nobility, we would go out about what has happened today in the city of Buenos Aires because this program comes to live nobility"He said.

Why? Because of PH, we can talk It is a program that is recorded, which is similar Mirtha Night. "What time is it sure? Ten ten"He put stinging.

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