Mischiefs destroy the liver. Beware


The "member" is in the # 39; member who is responsible for protecting their & # 39; a group of diseases, but many do not know that a member of safety and safety in the body can be damaged and destroyed, and a list of the most important items that should be avoided to protect the gold from destroyed:

– Sugar
By eating a lot of sugar not just by not going to & # 39; damaging the teeth, but it can damage the gold, because this ball uses a single type of sugar called fructose, to make fat, but a lot of delicate sugars and high cereal syrup Winding Pressure
Some checks show that sugar can harm its & # 39; liver, such as alcohol, even though the person is not too heavy. This is important for reducing foods with added sugar, such as soda, pasta and sugar.

– The painkillers
If you get echoed seriously from a hard-working man with acetaminophen, he can hurt the soul quickly.

– Obligation
As a result, the frog can sink, and over time, it can harden and cause major excavation and liver cirrhosis, and increase the risk of people in the liver; mid-age NAFLD, especially diabetic patients or if they are too heavy or fat, and can prevent the NAFLD disease by keeping healthy food and their nutrients; used.

– Pre-added addiction of life A
A body needs a vibrant A, and it's great to find it from fresh fruit and vegetables, especially red, orange and yellow, but when you eat high stores of vitamin A, it can be a problem liver, so talk to a doctor before you take Vitamin A as well as it may not be needed.

– Food drinks
Research shows that people who drink enough soft drinks are more likely to develop a non-alcoholic, non-alcoholic (NAFLD) disease, even though there are no direct investigations; show that soft drinks are the cause.

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